1440experiment team

We are Select music media /SMM.bg/ record label from eastern EUROPE that loves challenges. We decided to join the world movement of 24h startups and take the adventure to fight time and borders that we put on ourselves with the 1440experiment. We will start the career of a young beautiful and talented singer, believing in the power of creativity, teamwork, ambition, talent, coffee and energy drinks. We will do it for 1440 minutes.

We want to prove that there is nothing impossible and there is no matter where you coming from!

We believe that our experiment will provoke that lost creativity and hunger for success in many people in different areas of the business.

14/40experiment is about the startup of music career of fantastic singer Krassy Ivanova.

 For 1440 minutes we will:

*create a brand new song, lyrics and arrangement 

*record and edit the vocals, mix and master everything

*make professional photo shoot and single cover

*present the song live in club

*make professional video of the track

*distribute press information, audio and video to the media

*organize a TV and radio promotion of the project and the video

*post cutter video, pics and info every hour in the social media inc. Facebook, Twitter  and Youtube synchronized 

*have fun, explode, prove there is nothing impossible!

*shoot reality film about the experiment...