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THE NEWEST GIRL BAND IS MAKING THE BIGGEST DEBUT WITH A RETRO HIT COVER SONG – BOYS BY SABRINA Iren, Monika and Klavdia are making their debut with a song for "boys". It's a cover song by one of the famous and contradictory singers from the 80's – Sabrina. Her singled sold over a million copies worldwide. This is the reason why the producers from Select Music Media have chosen this song for a debut of the newest girl band in Bulgaria – Cacao. The video was shot at the 13th of October in Bulgaria with the help of 13 hot young male models. This was the first time when somebody makes a photo and video session at the same time. This video was also a debut for the famous photographer Lubo Sergeev and for the cameraman Nasko Aretov, being directors of the video. It appeared that the 13th number was fatal for the girls.

At the begging of the shooting day, the spicy blonde Iren sprained her ankle very badly, Monika was accused by one of the model's girlfriends for sexual harassment of her boyfriend. Monika was threatened to be sued after all this. Well at least she got the boy's phone number. Klavdia was the only one who hadn't any accidents on the shooting scene. Unfortunately when entering Sofia, she realized that she had lost one of the most precious jewellery, the one given by her mother for her prom. But when it comes to the success of their debut single, the girls agree – there would be nothing fatal about it. The arrangement of the song was made by the young and talented Svetlin Kuslev. It's a perfect mixture of dance and pop, combined with the very sexy rapping of one of the girls – Monika. The song was recorded and master in SMM Studios.