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Planet magic live

Witness making House music live! The magic of music being created especially for you, for a special place, a special time and a special moment is possible and does exist. It is called Planet Magic Live. Real time music cooking or music created in real time makes you experience something special or even magical. Real time music with real time effects, loops, analogue samples, keyboards, laptops, state-of-the-art synthesisers and Vessy's heavenly voice are the right mix of contemporary expressions created for an infinite unforgettable party. Be sure to discover a new aspect of house music, something beyond a DJ and a singer, something that can chill you, or make you dance, make you cry or lift you up. A bit of ethno or a bit of electronic music, or a sound that races and arouse.


Can you imagine a person who can play the clarinet, the piano, the saxophone, the percussions, the shepherd's pipe, the flute, the trumpet and trombone, the accordition, the bagpipe, the drums, and of course, who can whistle? There is such a person and he is a part of Planet Live – this is SVETLIО! A sexy, vocal and dance project is nothing without the heavenly voice of the incredible Vessy. She is the soft element, the female touch to make a house trio sound and look good on stage. The third element of the magic formula of Planet Magic Life is a former DJ, a professional sound engineer, a mixing and mastering man, the rhythm man – MARTO! A double CD with the original club music of the trio, called Planet Magic is their debut album. The CDs contains 19 tracks or about 80 minutes of awesome club music.

CD1, bearing the killer name WHITE magic, contains soft chillout sure to make you daydream of an exciting summer with a flavour of tropical flowers. СD2 - NIGHT magic will sweep you with the club magic of nonstop ground-shaking parties. They have just shot their video for the debut song To Fuck. The concept is of the never ending summer nights at the beach with nothing else but great music and hot cocktails. But most of all with lots of sexy girls at the background. You can almost smell the salty sea.