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Turbo B

Turbo B (Durron Butler) is an American musician, rapper and beatboxer, best known for his time fronting the electronic music group, Snap!.
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Butler started his music career as a drummer for a heavy metal band in his hometown. In 1990 DJ Rico Sparx discovered his rapping talents and introduced him to Snap! producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti[3] (who were using the pseudonyms Benito Benites and John "Virgo" Garrett III); they chose him to replace Chill Rob G's vocals in their song "The Power". He chose the stage name Turbo B, which had been his nickname since childhood."The Power" became a major international hit, and Butler became recognisable as the frontman of the group. To promote the record he toured widely with Snap!, rapping his lyrics and also playing drums.

In 2009 Turbo B became a part of Select Music Media’ s family and made a project with R&E a.k.a Rumanetsa & Enchev. The song called Don’ cha know is a powerful mixture between a very sexy Holland singer and the rappers. Her name is Miss Romagna and she is said to be one of the promising stars of Holland. The song reached number has a huge international success all over the Europe back in 2009. The song topped Official Bulgarian Airplay Chart for four weeks and it achieved top 5 positions in single charts in Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine and other European countries.

“Don’t Cha Know” is the most successful Bulgarian digital single with over 15 000 downloads to date.

“By The Sea” is the second collaboration between R&E and Turbo B.

“The idea for a second featuring project came after I visited Bulgaria for a tour organized by Select Music Media, record company of R&E. I went to their studio and heard a demo of one of their forthcoming music projects. And I was like… wow… Let’s do this track together, guys… It took us very long time managed to gather in one place and record the track … I think more than three months”, shared Turbo B, describing creative process regarding his new music collaboration.