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Her latest song dadicated to Global Warming of WWF social campaign. Vessy is only 20 but she has a long list of appearances at different music competitions and has won many awards. The latest discovery of the talented record producers Roumanetsa and Encev, Vessy, is delicate and beautiful, sweet, talented and very, very sexy.

After winning a number of contests in the Balkan countries (winning over ten awards), the young performer from the old capital Plovdiv deserved her glamorous debut as a part of SMM with the song A flash in the night, which reached Top 5 of City Radio and TV in several days. The performer is the face of the live project Planet Magic Live, which gives her 'the freedom to fly in the world of music', as she says. Outside the project Vessy is conquering the dance scene with explosive, sweet dance tunes, like her second single Touch – an international commercial project. This single even made it to the world famous show "World Chart Express" of the music giant MTV.

During her slender 20 years she has received substancial musical education, taken part in over a hundred live concerts and numerous media events. At present Vessy is working on her debut album. She was invited to be part of several social campaigns such as "Don't close your eyes" for BRAVO magazine. Her love to nature is always opushing her to participated in different projects related to the subject. She was a part of the WWF campaign for cleaning the Natural parks. She was invited by the association, for a spokes person, due to being one of the few young people really involved with all problems concerning our Planet.

Her debut album will be released at the end of the year. One of the singles for the album was composed with the idea of alerting all human beings about the problems in Nature and the Global Warming. The theme of the whole album is about our Planet and what we can do to keep it alive.

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