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Vladislav Sagan

Vladislav Sagan is the first professional dancing MC Russia. Vladislav was born in a small provincial Bulgarian town - Taraclia.
In 1999, Vladislav Sagan assembled his dance troupe - Screamble Crew (they are the same S Crew), where he became MaxiGnom. He received this nickname for his small stature (Gnom) and for the maximum opening in the dance itself (Maxi). In 2001 Vlad decided to try his chances as MC.
The first "test" was held at a local club. After that Vlad decided to record his first rap track. With this track MaxiGnom performed in the S Crew, combining dance with recitative.

In 2010 Vlad starts to work on his new show «The Show by MaxiGnom», in which he collected the professional dancers and choreographers. With a new team, he produces video for the track «Sexy ladies sexy boys». This is the first dance video by MaxiGnom. The video was in heavy rotation on music channels leading Russia and Ukraine.

In 2013 the fastest rappers in Europe R&E a.k.a Rumanetsa and Enchev team up with Vladi Shagan. Bulgaria vs Russia in music collaboration called Da club ! The result is dub step hip-hop track called Da club.

What to expect from Vlad and his new project VLADI SHAGAN in the future you can only guess, but one thing we know for sure is that the artist does not put any obstacles in front of him, and every year more and more expanding its boundaries.

The relevance of the project MaxiGnom style and Vladi Shagan (Vladislav Sagan) leaves no doubt about the success of the musical product. A key part of the project is its unique style of combining recitative voice and professional dance and diversity in musical creativity from dance to patriotic songs lyrically.